Jump Tandem

How to get there

The nearest Intl. Airports are Brno, Vienna and Prague.

From there you can use car, train or bus

There are many car rentals at all Airports including Hertz, Avis, Sixt, Europcar


Car access distances:

Brno Intl. Airport 60km 25 min. by highway
Vienna Intl. Airport 180km 1,7 hrs. by highway
Prague Intl. Airport 260km 2,5 hrs. by highway

The competition site - JUMP-TANDEM® SKYDIVING CENTRE is situated near the highway.



IČ: 277 05 587
DIČ: CZ277 05 587

residence, office, shop:

Loosova 262/1
CZ - 638 00, Brno

opened: Mo - Fri: 9:00 - 17:00

e-mail: tandem@jump-tandem.cz

Letiště Prostějov
Letecká 1
796 01 Prostějov
49.4451586N, 17.1306897E